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Zontec? is the leading provider of powerful, easy-to-use Statistical Process Control (SPC) software for manufacturers worldwide. Innovative Synergy SPC? software products automate quality data collection and analysis during the manufacturing process, allowing you to make real-time process improvement decisions. You will reduce cost and risk as you improve your process and make repeatable, reliable products using SynergySPC. You get a scalable SPC solution that fits into manufacturing automation, hardwired (also called semi-automatic) and manual data entry to fit any circumstance. Our fast, one-click access and unique one-screen environment will help you take your quality program to the next level.
The Zontec Synergy SPC Software Product Suite offers manufacturers of all sizes an array of real-time statistical process control SPC software products to fit your unique needs. Regardless of your global, domestic or local size, business scope or regulatory requirements, SynergySPC helps you reduce scrap, cut rework, and enhance productivity to improve quality. SynergySPC gathers, stores, organizes and controls data that is quickly converted into graphs, control charts, and reports used in corrective actions, audits, regulatory compliance and communications to reduce process variation.

Automated Quality Data Collection
Zontec easy-to-use integration tools help you gain instant visibility to your real-time quality data in semi-automated and automated production settings. Combining SynergySPC software with one of these integration tools allows you to seamlessly share data between many platforms. Companies can get a complete picture of quality in their manufacturing processes using these tools.

Connect Devices and Gage for Direct Quality Input
Direct connection between any SynergySPC software and gages, scales, and other direct input measurement devices used in manufacturing is quick and easy. This feature is included in Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, and Synergy 3000. To get started, simply connect a device through an RS-232 or USB port. It takes just a few clicks in your SynergySPC software and you are ready to send real-time data from your connected devices. This semi-automatic shop floor data collection reduces errors, saves time, and connects you to real-time SynergySPC software.
3M, Toyota, Clorox, Pepsi, Kingsford
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