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Convenience Store Energy Saving Application

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 Convenience Store Energy Saving Application - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Automation & Control - Electric Drives & Control
  • Automation & Control - Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Processors & Edge Intelligence - Embedded & Edge Computers
Applicable Industries
  • Retail
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Building Automation & Control
About The Customer
Convenience store chain in Thailand
The Challenge
Since electricity costs keep on rising, the bills for convenience stores keep on increasing and unfortunately it’s difficult for convenience stores to raise their prices to maintain the same profit margins. Variable overheads are difficult to budget for and give accountants a headache, therefore one convenience store chain in Thailand has decided to redress the balance and put themselves in chargeof power generation by installing solar panels in their stores. Our customer wanted to reduce their energy costs by at least 10 percent and having installed solar panels in their store locations they needed to be able to send the power to where it was needed and when it was needed. Since the stores are open for 24 hours and it’s onlysunny forroughly 12 of those, it was essential that the power distribution to the lighting and refrigeration units was managed efficiently.
The Solution
To manage the distribution of power, the customer implemented a building automation system using BASPro software installed on a DDC controller. By using a touch panel computer, with WebAccess installed on a 10.4” touch panel computer, the power can be controlled as necessary.

BASPro is a programming software package suitable for building automation application, perfectly integrating with BAS-3500 Series DDC Controller (Direct Digital Controller). BASPro features rich function blocks like mathematical calculation, dataconversion, logic operation, alarm, eventand timer, and control algorithm (PID, Ramp, ON/OFF switch control). Moreover, BASPro also provides many BA domain function blocks, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation and sequential control, which are commonly used in building applications. Developers can benefit from savingdevelopment timeby the function blocks. Engineers can developapplications on their computer. After the application program is complete, it canbe downloaded to the BAS-3500 series through Ethernet. Then BAS-3500 series becomes a standalone controller since it can execute the program by itself. Besides, BASPro delivers simulation function that you can observe the program execution situation before the program is downloaded to the BAS-3500 series.

WebAccess is a browser based SCADA software that is used to graphically control and monitor the data from the BAS-3024 and ADAM-4055 remote IO modules attached to the cooling units and the lighting. It is installed on a TPC-1071H touch panel computer. The TPC -1071H is a 10.4” SVGA TFT LED LCDIntel Atom Dual-core D525 that includes WindowsXP embedded and WebAccess.

The EKI-2525/2528 supports a Fast Ethernet solution. The power is a 12 ~ 48 VDC redundant input design, and is secured with a double protection mechanism: Power Polarity Reverse Protect and an Overload Current Resetable Fuse. The former tolerates reverse power wiring while the later secures the system from overload currents. Asthe power supply turns normal, EKI-2525/2528 will automatically get back to work. Each port of EKI-2525/2528 has 2 LED’s to show the link status transmission speed and collision status. It also provides a relay output for an eventalarm.In theevent of a power failure,the built-in LED willactivate the alarm to notify administrators. Engineers can simply verify the hardware status by checking the LED, and have troubleshooting easy and quick. EKI-2525/2528 comes with compact metal housing that rates IP30 to help against from dusty industrial environments.

BAS-3520 is a standalone programmable controller specially designed for building automation (BA) applications. Designed as a typical DDC(Direct Digital Controller), BAS-3520 delivers various of onboard I/O including universal input, analog output, digital input and digital output, providing flexible options to satisfy versatileapplication requirements. It also features powerful BASPro programming tool for engineers to quickly develop their application. BASPro delivers many function blocks suitable for BA application, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation, sequential control, PID control, alarm, and event. Its compact size makes it an ideal solution tofulfill BA installation environment. Connected to the controller are BAS-3024 Remote IO module and ADAM-4055 modules.

The BAS-3024 expansion I/O modules can be stackedonthe DDC controller, or can serve as remotestandalone I/O modules through an RS-485 network. These expansion I/O modules add both scalability and flexibility to Advantech BAS-3000 solutions. Like the DDC, I/O expansion modules can be programmed using the BASPro programming tool.The ADAM-4055 offers 8-ch. isolated digital inputs and 8-ch. isolated digital outputs for critical applications. The inputs accept 10~50 Vvoltage, and the outputs supply 5~40 VDC opencollector. Consideredto be user-friendly. The ADAM-4055 is also builtwith LED indicator for easy status reading.

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