Case Studies > ECOsine Active Increased Reliability in the Paper Industry

ECOsine Active Increased Reliability in the Paper Industry

 ECOsine Active Increased Reliability in the Paper Industry - IoT ONE Case Study
Applicable Industries
  • Paper & Pulp
About The Customer
A paper and pulp company.
The Challenge

The paper and pulp industry is interlinking intelligent hi-tech machines to highly efficient production lines. Higher power DC and AC motor drives perform the automation tasks. Every kind of interference that negatively affects the reliability and safety of the installation may lead to production downtime and consequently to significant financial losses. AC and DC motor drives are so-called non-linear loads as they draw a nonsinusoidal current from the grid. Resulting harmonics of current and voltage can interfere with the operation of nearby consumers and overload the electrical infrastructure. In this particular application, the load cycles of the drives often caused interruptions in the production process because of disturbances coupling into the fieldbus system.

The Solution

Active harmonic filters from Schaffner with a total compensation current of 150A solve these particular problems. In order to ensure maximum availablility, three FN 3420-50-480-3 filters were installed in parallel and operated with a 480/525V matching transformer. The incremental connection of the filters leads to a clear and verifiable reduction of Power Quality related interruptions. The compensation of this relatively small part of the entire installation already resulted in a reduction of the voltage distortion THVD of 1.3 percentage points.

Data Collected
Production Efficiency, Throughput per product line
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    The paralleling of 3 filters ensures maximum availability and redundancy and allow selecting the desired degree of harmonics compensation.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    The dynamic compensation of the noise source with Schaffner ECOsine Active harmonic filters eliminates all issues with the equipment and the fieldbus system.

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