Care Innovations Case Studies High tech meets high touch at Senior Lifestyle Corporation
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High tech meets high touch at Senior Lifestyle Corporation

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High tech meets high touch at Senior Lifestyle Corporation - Care Innovations Industrial IoT Case Study
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To meet the demands of its rapidly growing business, Senior Lifestyle Corporation needed to provide consistent, high-quality resident care while ensuring its staff could meet the highest standards for excellence and safety.

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One of the largest providers of care for seniors in the country, Senior Lifestyle Corporation operates over 12,000 units, located in 100 communities across the US.
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Senior Lifestyle Corporation
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QuietCare® from Care Innovations™ helps transform eldercare with innovative smart sensor technology, not video cameras, that learns the daily living patterns of senior community residents and sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. As new residents move into the Evergreen community, they are automatically equipped with QuietCare. Smiley says, “QuietCare reports are an essential part of the ‘care conference’ Evergreen conducts with its residents and their families. To make sure their Mom or Dad receives the level of care they require, QuietCare reports can be used to help families understand the changing needs of their loved ones.” Smiley points out, “The comprehensive reports open a window into the quality of care SLC provides, including motion through doors, which provides a detailed record of how many times a day their parent is being checked on, and at what hours.”

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Alarms For Automated Applications, Control System Alert, Human Behavior, Incident Rate
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Care staff can direct appropriate levels of care, using the data QuietCare provides

QuietCare increased length of stay by up to 60%

58% decrease in total falls

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