Case Studies IIC - INternational Future INdustrial Internet (INFINITE) Testbed

IIC - INternational Future INdustrial Internet (INFINITE) Testbed

IIC - INternational Future INdustrial Internet (INFINITE) Testbed -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
Networks & Connectivity - Software-Defined Networking
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
Healthcare & Hospitals
Business Operation
Dynamically reconfigure a network without changing the hardware itself; Achieve Cloud scale with diverse and parallel workflows; Achieve connectivity via multiple access points; Maintain a high level security to be used by mission-critical systems.
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*This is an IIC testbed currently in progress.*

EMC Corporation, Cork Institute of Technology

INFINITE (INternational Future INdustrial Internet Testbed) is an Industrial Internet innovation platform built specifically for the development of Industrial Internet products and solutions.

The scale and scope of the project means INFINITE can be used across a wide and diverse range of industries and sectors.

Completely virtual domains that are able to be connected via mobile networks; A solution that allows multiple virtual domains to securely run via one physical network.

The goal of the International Future Industrial Internet Testbed (INFINITE) is to develop software-defined infrastructures to drive the growth of Industrial Internet products and services. INFINITE uses Big Data to not only create completely virtual domains with Software-Defined Networking, but it also makes it possible for multiple virtual domains to securely run via one physical network - thus making it ideal for use in mission critical systems. Even more interesting, INFINITE makes it possible to connect to these virtual domains through mobile networks.

Industrial Internet Consortium member, EMC Corporation, is leading the INFINITE testbed. Also contributing their expertise to this project is Industrial Internet Consortium member Cork Institute of Technology as well as Vodafone, the Irish Government Networks, Asavie and Cork Internet Exchange.

The testbed will unfold in two phases in Ireland. In Phase One, three geographically dispersed data centers will be interconnected into a reconfigured EMC network. In Phase Two, INFINITE will be applied to a use case called "Bluelight". Bluelight will allow ambulances to securely connect to a hospital's system and relay information while in route, so hospital staff are prepared to take over the care of the patient once the ambulance arrives.

The INFINITE testbed is open to any Industrial Internet Consortium member as well as interested nonmembers companies who have a concept for an IoT-enabled solution that requires mobile communication and a dynamic configuration environment.
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Ideal for mission-critcal systems, Industrial Internet applications in an environment that resembles real-world conditions
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