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Datumize is a software technology company that develops tools for capturing dark data found in enterprises. It provides solutions in sectors such as logistics, retail, tourism, and industry by transforming dark data into profitable business results, although its technology could be included in any system. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the way companies understand their customer demand and their day-to-day operations, by acquiring and managing hidden data that provides insights to boost sales and improve operational efficiencies. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Castelldefels, Barcelona.
Datumize Real Demand
Understand customers’ behavior, aspirations, and interactions for better demand understanding, customer value analytics, and lost opportunities detection.
Leverage all data about interactions, requests, responses, profile, availability, third-party performance, and much more from all your omnichannel distribution.

Datumize Motion intelligence
Easily get instant information about people and asset movement in your premises, and optimize it to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Leverage all data about people and workers' locations, mobility, heat maps, and much more with no hardware investment.

Datumize Machine Data
Unlock and empower industrial data collected from any device. Legacy system or complex protocol won’t be a barrier anymore to extract captive information and integrate it with other systems, with no hardware investment or any infrastructure change needed.

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