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Fogger is a full-stack complete solution, built upon modern technologies and aimed at industrial companies. Fogger acts as a layer between centralized cloud systems and industrial IoT devices. It provides a platform that allows users to process Machine Data using the computing power of industrial devices, significantly increasing the efficiency and providing more accurate, faster and more valuable business intelligence.

Fogger provides its own software development toolkit and a platform, as well as ready-made applications. With centralized management, storage, and a real-time communication mechanism, it’s a solution capable of building any large-scale industrial application.

Year Founded: 2014
The term Internet of Things (IoT) has grown to cover much more than only consumer technologies. As the world is becoming connected, immense amounts of data are being generated and analyzed. Industrial devices stand at the frontline of that revolution.

Machine data is a crucial source of business and operational intelligence for industries such as energy, oil and gas, renewables, mining, and transport, among others. However, along with increasing data generation industries are facing tradeoffs between data processing efficiency, security, and flexibility. The real question faced by executives now is not whether or not to analyze their Machine Data, but how to do it faster, cheaper and more securely than other players on the market.

Classical cloud solutions are not able to connect, and effectively analyze Machine Data generated by industrial devices, which is often scattered over vast hard to access areas. They generate high costs, provide weak security and have limited functionality layers. The new era of IoT that we are entering requires a new solution that provides an intermediary between devices and a centralized cloud to support a development platform and infrastructure.

With that in mind Fogger was created, aimed at providing such a solution and enabling industrial IoT companies to improve their customer experience by adding additional value to their products.
Elmodis, IEES, MAAR Technology
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