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Levaux’s SenseAgent is a fully integrated sensor to cloud solution with commercial acceptance in the commercial building market for lighting control, environmental monitoring, and real time location of people and assets.

SenseAgent delivers in a single product a deployment ready, fully supported product at a price that is lower than the cheapest commercial lighting control systems available affording landlords, developers and tenants real savings with the benefits of control, utilisation and efficiency never before imagined.

SenseAgent is truly ‘plug and play’ and can be fully deployed by an electrician in a fraction of the time required to install, commission, program and operate traditional lighting control platforms. With the commercial building market rapidly moving to a ‘connected building’ landscape Levaux’s capability is well positioned to deliver to the lighting control, environment and real time location markets whilst also providing ‘communications backhaul’ for management and operation of core building systems.

SenseAgent delivers in a single sensor hardware product on a platform capability across multiple applications;

lighting control – sensing ambient light, pasive infrared movement detection, and energy metering for control of lighting,

environment – ambient temperature, humidity, sound, CO2, and TVOC for management of the environment and workplace,

real time location – Bluetooth tracking and location of assets and people for real time utilisation, efficiency, safety and security in the workplace.

Levaux’s core competitive advantage stems from an architecture designed from the outset as an integrated complex system that is enterprise scalable, secure and robust without sacrificing speed. This military specification (or ‘MIL SPEC’) capability and platform comes from the founder’s steeped background in military systems and networked warfare based on a PhD in Complex Systems Engineering solving computational quantum mechanics problems using distributed communication techniques

The Levaux capability is not the typical ‘software’ start up but a business that represents the intersection between Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT), where information through monitoring now effects outcomes through control.

Importantly the powerful Levaux ‘communications backhaul’ delivers;

1. low latency and high bandwidth – round trip from server to gateway and sensor under 200ms across an IP network and wireless mesh network

2. asynchronous, bi-directional; communication based on a session managed RPC connection eschewing the Internet of Things or IoT preference for ‘lite’ message-based cloud connectivity protocols,

3. Quality of Service with; scalable efficient protocols that minimise bandwidth, with dynamic (addressable and updatable) Firmware, and edge compute capability allowing sensors and gateways to process data at the source, providing autonomy and removing cloud dependency, whilst improving speed, performance and reliability, affording scaling of a robust integrated complex system,

4. security based on authenticated connections with multiple layers of Encryption and binary encoded data,

5. Interoperability at the device, mesh, gateway and cloud level affording unlimited flexibility with; applications and assets all addressable via OpenAPI, built on cloud agnostic tools allowing full transportability and localisation to meet with disciplined security and protocols and demanding legal jurisdictions.

High density commercial office buildings in Asia & Pacific.

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