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Automated Predictive Maintenance

Nanoprecise Sci Corp
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Nanoprecise has created a "patent-pending" solution (hardware + software) that combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with machinery and detects anomalies, characterizes the faulty components and predicts the "Remaining Time to Failure." Since Nanoprecise was founded in Dec 2017, it has customers spanning across Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, HVAC & Infrastructure sectors.
Nanoprecise's sensor is the first sensor in the world that extracts RPM, vibration, sound, temperature & humidity information, all from one sensor. The software (which is built on AI algorithms that are only limited to research papers until now) analyzes the data from various sensing elements and achieves Anomaly Detection, fault characterization & remaining useful life prediction. This end to end solution can be deployed cost-effectively and can be utilized on any machine in the world in any industry.
Nanoprecise has developed VibrationLF, a Predictive Maintenance solution incorporating wireless sensors based on nanotechnology and sophisticated Machine Learning technology to accurately diagnose faults in rotating equipment and provide a forecast time to replacement, allowing maintenance teams to plan their maintenance activities.
AltaSteel, Hindustan Zinc, Iffco, BJ

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