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Planet is a startup based in San Francisco and founded by former NASA employees that collects information about our changing planet via a fleet of compact, highly capable Earth-imaging satellites. Planet's mission is to image the entire Earth every day, and make global change visible, accessible and actionable.The broad coverage and high frequency of Planet's satellite imagery will enable customers with unprecedented access to global and local insights that currently are either impossible or cost-prohibitive to obtain. In addition to California, Planet has offices in Germany and Canada where they deliver market-leading geospatial imagery to a global network of customers and partners in over 100 countries.Learn more at and follow @planetlabs on Twitter.
Planet Monitoring
With 120+ satellites in orbit, Planet is able image anywhere on Earth’s landmass on a daily basis, at 3 - 5 meter resolution. Monitor your areas of interest, discover trends, and deliver timely insights.

Planet Tasking
Equipped with near-infrared, and video capabilities, Planet’s SkySat fleet can revisit any point on Earth at 72 cm resolution and sub-daily revisit, higher frequency than any other commercial hi res imagery provider.

Power your applications and analytics with seamless Basemaps built from the most recent imagery over broad areas. With daily, global imaging, Planet selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that empower time-series analysis and machine learning-powered analytics.

Platnet Analytic Feeds
Planet Analytic Feeds leverages deep learning to identify objects and features of interest from Planet imagery at global scale, empowering you to prioritize resources and act with the most recent insights available.
Geoplex, Harris, Kayrros, Orbital Insight, Esri
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